Silent days and nights

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Introducing the protagonist of family life

Büidesign Studio presents the latest addition to its collection, the Silentio cradle, which has just debuted.
An iconic piece of furniture reimagined to create an intimate family atmosphere.
The pieces in the collection are characterized by strong curves, soft lines, floating above the ground, and silence.
The cradle's clean geometry is striking, its silhouette arresting and its style refined.

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Timeless design

As a stand-alone piece, it is also a work of art in an interior.
A distinctive shape that blends well with any interior design style.
Bright colors, exciting shapes, and quality materials.
Designed with comfort and ease of use in mind.
You can customize the cradle for your child by combining the colors and materials provided.

Designing my own

Surprise of the movement

Slight rocking and movement often help babies sleep more easily and deeply.
Rocking in the cradle helps you fall asleep, maintain a good night's sleep and improve sleep quality.
Rocking in the cradle is not only good for the child but also gives parents a chance to relax and unwind.

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School of senses

The clean lines are made even more exclusive by elegant details:
Each element is hand cut and sewn, then fitted to a stainless steel frame made in precise templates.
The contrasting thread stitching is based on the most patriotic leather decorating traditions and practices.
Wood surfaces are finished with a patina-resistant wax oil with a silky sheen.
A light metal corner element made of a special alloy, precision machined or handcrafted to achieve high mechanical strength and beautiful material quality.

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Design and manufacture

During design and manufacture, we take great care to create conditions for safe use. It is our mission to ensure that our products are made only from body-friendly, natural materials and with well-documented world-class bio-certified surface treatment agents. We give preference to impregnating perfectly polished surfaces with natural or bio-pure linseed oil, and where there is a need to color or varnish materials, we use tested saliva and other body-water resistant water-based products.

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Tranquillity Tranquillity
Design Design
Security Security

Why the Silentio cradle?

  • Tranquillity: develops by being rocked

    The name of the cradle is a good symbol of the airiness, fragility and tranquillity of the product. The rocking movement evokes the prenatal period, has a positive effect on the development of the motor and nervous systems, and helps to develop a sense of balance. Children who are cradled in a cradle develop their intelligence and skeletal system more quickly. As the three-dimensional swinging movement has been shown to have a positive effect on the still developing brain nervous system during the early developmental stages.

  • The design of the Silentio cradle is safe and ergonomic.
    It provides adequate space for the child.
    The internal dimensions of the cradle are large enough for the baby to fit comfortably while sleeping.
    Baby can be easily and comfortably put in and taken out without excessive bending or lifting.
    The cradle meets current safety regulations and standards.
    Certificate no: MK69266528 0001

  • Designer Szilveszter Büi has created one of the defining pieces of contemporary design, the Silentio Cradle. It's worth a look: it's both clean and classic. The minimalist design of the cradle embodies craftsmanship and years of technological development.
    Combining sophisticated style, unique design, naturalness, and minimalism is the essence of tranquillity.


- Do not use this product without reading the instructions first.
- Stop using the product as soon as the child can sit or kneel, or pull himself/herself up by sitting down.